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Friendship with Fear

Transforming the Inner Fear Monster into a Golden Dragon of Wisdom


Transforming the Inner Fear Monster into a Golden Dragon of Wisdom

~ an online retreat with Josh & Veronika Bond ~

Fear – is it your worst enemy or most loyal ally?

Here are 5 examples of people who turned their fear into a loyal ally.

Alexander Huber is a physicist and alpinist from Bavaria, Germany. He is one of the most highly skilled rock climbers in the world. Alexander calls Fear his life insurance. When climbing the highest mountains and navigating a sheer rock face Fear is always by his side as his ‘best friend’.

Karen Thompson Walker is a novelist from California, USA. As a child she sometimes couldn’t sleep at night. She was terrified a big earthquake might strike while everyone was in bed. Now Karen views fears as stories. If she reads them in the right way, her fears always offer her a little wisdom.

Dan Meyer is a master sword swallower from Indiana, USA. As a child he was ‘shy, skinny, wimpy and scared’. It was his Fear that challenged him to get a life. For Dan his Fears and his Dreams are like a double edged sword that he needs to swallow again and again.

Ragna Pitoll is an actress from Potsdam, Germany. She grew up in Eastern Germany at a time when fear was very palpable.The experience of fear, in the form of stage fright, is part of her job. Ragna loves performing. She says it enables her to physically play out all the stress related to fear. The transformation of fear into a feel-good-companion is part of Ragna’s natural talent.

Franz Renggli is a zoologist, psychologist, and body worker from Basel, Switzerland. He knows that Fear lives not just in our minds but also in our bodies. As a therapist he specialises in working with babies before and after birth. Franz teaches parents and students to melt Fear in themselves as well as in their young patients or children.

Alexander Huber, Karen Thompson Walker, Dan Meyer, Ragna Pitoll and Franz Renggli all do very different things and have experienced fear very differently. They all work with their subjective experience in their own unique ways. What they have in common is a certain way of co-operating with this natural force we call FEAR.

They’ve all had intimate and painful experiences with their fear. But they are not stuck with them. Fear has become their teacher. They have transformed the powerful forces of fear into a resource for their heroic journey, and they harness it daily.

What fear can do to us

Fear can paralyse us. It can keep you from developing your creative gifts and living your authentic life: fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of being misunderstood, fear of being paralysed by fear.

Fear can be a destructive force. It can destroy our relationships, our dreams, and our health. It threatens peace between nations, trust between people, and ultimately our survival on the planet.

Fear can also be a true friend. It can give you super powers in moments of acute danger. It can save your life. It can even guide you and help you get what you really want.

To use fear constructively we need to develop an amicable relationship with it. We have to get to know fear as a friend. This means we need to learn to recognise its different faces and learn its language, so that we can understand what it is trying to tell us.

By making fear our ally, we can maximise this natural powerful force. We can use it not only to develop our creative gifts and enjoy more freedom in life, but also to build trust, improve our relationships and make a significant personal contribution to our survival on the planet.

Are you ready to join us for this adventure?

Let's change the world one fear at a time.

Veronika & Josh Bond

Friendship With Fear – Q & A

If you have further questions about this online retreat, let us know,

and we’ll do our best to answer them. Some may already have been

answered here:

Q: Who is Friendship With Fear for?

A: FWF is for anyone who wants to transform their relationship with their fear.

There are certain critical times in life, when it would be particularly useful to work with your fear, rather than against it, for example:

– You want to share your creative gifts.

– You want to make a big change in your life or career.

– You would like to live a more authentic life.

These situations may not sound very ‘scary’, but they all involve stepping into the unknown, and the unknown always brings up fear.

Find more Q & A on http://selfknowledgemanagement.org/courses/

Your Instructor

Veronika Bond
Veronika Bond

(Deutsch bitte unten weiterlesen)

Some say the purpose of life is to be happy. Others claim it's about finding our true passion or vocation, and developing our potential...

None of those ring entirely true for me. I believe the purpose of human life is to support our own consciousness in its efforts to grow, and to restore the equilibrium within ourselves whenever we are out of balance.

This is what all living organisms do in their own ways. This is the central topic of all my writing. That's essentially what I teach in this online retreat as well.

I am the author of the "Solo System" series and co-founder of Self-Knowledge Management, a creative discipline for organic inner growth.

You can find more information about me on http://selfknowledgemanagement.org/courses/

Manche sagen, der Sinn des Lebens bestehe im Streben nach Glück. Andere behaupten, es gehe darum, unsere wahre Berufung zu finden und unser Potential zu entfalten...

Keine dieser beiden Ansätze klingen für mich vollkommen überzeugend. Ich glaube, der Sinn des Lebens besteht darin, unser eigenes Bewusstsein in seinem Wachstum zu unterstützen und unser inneres Gleichgewicht wiederherzustellen, wenn wir ins Ungleichgewicht geraten sind.

Dies tun alle lebenden Organismen auf ihre Art. Das ist das zentrale Thema, über das ich schreibe. Darum geht es im Wesentlichen auch in diesem online Kurs.

Ich bin die Autorin der "Solo System" Reihe und Mitbegründerin von Self-Knowledge Management, einer kreativen Disziplin für natürliches inneres Wachstum.

Mehr Informationen über mich kannst du auf der folgenden Internetseite finden: http://selfknowledgemanagement.org/courses/

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